Mini Tank 3.0.2


This is the Android version of classic FC Tank War game. It is so popular in the past 30 years. Simplistic as it is, it is very addictive. So there is no more need for Propaganda for the game itself. Follow are some tips for the newcommers.
1 triangle button for automatic shoot.
2 square button for single shoot. Sometimes you need this button to stop the automatic shoot.
3 Protect your home, the eagle, and kill all the enemy tanks.
4 Kill the blinking tank and you will get a gift. The star will increase your shoot speed. The Clock will stop the time. The landmine will explode all the enemies. The armor will make your tank invincible for some time. There are still more types of the gifts and explore them by yourself.
Enjoy it!

Last Updated:2015-06-10 12:27:15
File size:3MB

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